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Lover of Food

All food, I find intriguing. from Paleo, to Comfort, GF to Ento. Every day I learn more and more how food challenges us, frees us, entertains and gives joy.

Jokes and Humor

No reason to live if you can't laugh! Cracking jokes with line cooks, conversations with guests and tables, and even humorous easter eggs hidden in my food.


Super Nerd

I was a nerd before it was cool...wait it's cool now right? If im not braising short ribs, or working a grazing table, you will find me chucking dice, playing D&D, jamming games of MTG, or hanging out at my local game shop, Time Travlers of Berkley


I am serious about my craft. constantly working on new ideas, flavors and ways of making people share my passion.

Dad and Husband

Without my Wife Lexi, and Children Sia, and George I wouldn't have the drive to grind this lifestyle. They repersent the foundation that I build my dreams on.

My Staff

Whether its Jessika shaking drinks and Kelvin making family meals at Republica, or Dom and Gordo slinging tacos downtown. I can't do it without them. 





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Always Available for your next special Event, please give me the honor to serve you.


Private Dinner Parties, to Weddings, in state or around the US, my staff and I are always available to impress and satisfy.